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08 Jul 2023
3 min read

Tips for Preparing Your International Adoption Dossier

You have have chosen international adoption as a way to grow your fami...

By Nancy S
03 May 2017
6 min read

What Does That Mean? Terminology in International Adoption

Some of the terms in international (inter-country) adoption can be con...

By Nancy S
17 Mar 2017
3 min read

Preparing a Dossier for International Adoption

As you prepare to adopt a child internationally you will soon need to ...

By Nancy S
27 May 2016
4 min read

International Adoption Steps

Are you considering adopting internationally? Here are the steps to he...

By Nancy S
29 Apr 2016
2 min read

How to Prepare Your Adoption Dossier

By Nancy S
05 Apr 2016
4 min read

Getting Notary Seals Right on New York State International Adoption Paperwork

When going through the process of creating your dossier for an interna...

23 Feb 2016
5 min read

Getting your FBI Clearance for an International Adoption

When adopting internationally, you will sometimes have to go through a...

15 Jan 2016
3 min read

How to Prepare Your International Adoption Dossier

As you prepare to adopt a child internationally you will soon need to ...

By Nancy S

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