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Written by Family Connections
on September 27, 2023

child-g6e4eb7407_640  happy-children-835527_640 Orphaned children from around the world need forever adoptive families.  Families wishing to adopt a child(ren) from a foreign country will need an array of adoption services to ensure an successful outcome for the child and the family.


Families wanting to adopt a child internationally will need to successfully complete a series of steps with qualified adoption agency professionals that are Hague accredited.


Your Steps to International Adoption & Needed Service Providers


  1. Locate a Hague accredited agency that works in the country you wish to adopt from. (Primary Provider Agency) You can find a listing of the agencies and countries here. Family Connections is a primary provider for Belize, Bulgaria, Honduras, Hungary, Jamaica, Pakistan and Ukraine.
  2. Home Study Investigation & Approval as Adoptive Parents.   To adopt a child you must first successfully complete a home study investigation and become approved as adoptive parents of an international child(ren). Adoption Services will be provided by an Adoption Agency (aka Home Study Provider) authorized by your State of residence (Family Connections, Inc. is an adoption agency authorized in New York that provides home study services for families adopting internationally).
  3. Citizenship and Immigration Services Approval to Adopt a Foreign Born Orphan (I-600A or I-800A application)(www.uscis.gov).  You must be approved to adopt a foreign orphan by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. This approval must be obtained prior to applying to adopt from the foreign country. Adoption Services will be provided by your Home Study Provider and/or Primary Provider.  These agencies will provide you with guidance in the application process.
  4. Dossier Preparation.  A Dossier is a collection of authenticated documents that makes up your application to the country from which you are adopting. Adoption Services needed to construct your dossier will be provided by your Primary Provider Agency with supporting documents provided by your Home Study Provider.
  5. Application to the Country (Dossier Submission).  Your dossier will be translated and submitted to the government authority responsible for adoption in the country from which you are adopting. Adoption Services will be provided by your Primary Provider Agency.
  6. Referral of a Child(ren). The country from which you are adopting will ask you to consider an orphaned child for adoption.  Typically you will receive a picture, medical report and social history of the child to consider. Adoption Services will be provided by your Primary Provider Agency.  Your Primary Provider Agency will ask you to consider the child that the country has referred to your family.  You will work with your Primary Provider Agency to review the referral information and make your decision regarding the adoption of the child.  You may also ask your social worker from your Home Study Provider Agency to review the child's referral information.
  7. Placement of a Child(ren). After you have accepted the referred child, you will travel to the country and adopt the child. When you travel depends on the country's process.  Adoption Services will be provided by your Primary Provider  Agency.  The agency will arrange for the legal placement of the child into your family and assist you with travel and the adoption process in-country.
  8. Immigration of the Child(ren) to the United States.  After you adopt your child in the foreign country you will need to immigrate the child into the United States through the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. These services will be provided by your Primary Provider Agency.  The agency will assist you with obtaining a U.S. Visa for your child through the U.S. Embassy in the country from which you are adopting.
  9. Post Placement Support and Supervision. Most countries require that your newly adopted child and your family be supervised by an adoption professional to ensure that the child is safe and your family is adjusting well.  The specific requirements for supervision are dictated by your child's country of origin and thus varies dramatically depending upon the country.  For example, Belize requires a social worker to visit the family four times in the first year home. These Services will be provided by your Home Study Provider (adoption agency authorized in your State of residence).  Typically the social worker who completed your home study investigation will supervise your adoptive placement.
  10. Life Long Support for the Child and Family. As you family grows and your child develops you may have questions or need support. Adoption Services will be provided by your Home Study and Post-Placement Supervision Provider (authorized adoption agency in your State of residence).  The Agency will be available throughout the lifetime of the child to support him/her and the family.

Family Connections, Inc., is a New York State authorized Adoption Agency who is also Hague accredited. The agency has been supporting families and children through international and domestic adoption since 1994.  Family Connections, Inc. provides primary provider services, home study investigation services, post-adoption and post placement supervision services, and on-going life-long support.

Family Connections, Inc. would be pleased to support your family's plan to adopt an orphaned child.  Please contact at 607-756-6574 or info@adoptfamilyconnections.org To learn more about you International Adoption options please click below to schedule a free, no obligation orientation with an adoption professional.


Consultation With An Adoption Professional

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