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Written by Jessie McNaughton
on November 15, 2016



Open Adoption is one of the choices a birth mother or birth father can make for themselves and their unborn or newly born child.  In open adoptions, birth mothers (and/or birth fathers) can choose to have an on-going relationship with the adoptive family.  The birth parent(s) have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family & choose to develop a relationship with the adoptive family.  Biological parents can choose to have as much or as little contact with the adoptive family as they feel comfortable with.




The birth family and adoptive family may have contact with each other before the baby is born and after the adoption of the child until the child reaches adulthood.  Birth parents can choose to maintain a relationship with the adoptive family or receive on-going pictures and letters regarding the child.  The on-going contact could include scheduled visits and may develop into a relaxed friendship.  The birth parents make the choices about the type and extent of the contact.


Open adoption relationships benefit the birth mother and birth father, adoptive parents and child


The positive impact of open adoption for a birth parent comes from having a relationship with the adoptive family, seeing the child's growth and development, and knowing the child's and adoptive parent's great joy as a family. 


An open adoption relationship can give a birth mother and/or birth father: 

  • A sense of peace regarding her/his decision to place their child into a loving adoptive family
  • A feeling of connection to the child and adoptive family
  • A comfort in knowing that their birth child will always know them
  • The knowledge that the child is growing-up healthy and happy
  • The chance to tell their birth child his/her adoption story and their reasons for placing him/her into an adoptive family
  • The opportunity to know their birth child and celebrate in his/her accomplishments
  • And many more ...


Birth mothers and/or birth fathers who are considering adoption as an option for themselves and their unborn or newly born child can consider an open adoption. 


The choices are theirs!


Family Connections, Inc., an authorized adoption agency, supports every birth parent's right to make an adoption plan that is right for them.  If you are interested in developing an open adoption relationship with an adoptive family, all of the agency's waiting adoptive families are hoping for an open adoption with the birth family.  The agency would be pleased to support you as you consider your options and develop an adoption plan for you and your baby.  You can speak to our staff at 1-800-535-5556 for a confidential discussion about your adoption options.  All agency services are free to birth families.  

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Original post by Renee Hettich