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Find an adoptive home for your baby.  We have many adoptive families who are waiting to share their love with a child. Each adoptive family has been thoroughly investigated and prepared by this agency to ensure that your child would be nurtured in a loving and safe home. Each family would be honored for you to consider them as parents for your child. You can learn a little about each family below. We have much more information about each family -- please ask us! In addition, each family would be glad to meet you or share more about themselves. They understand the importance of your decision and respect your adoption planning.


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Jason & Kristy

Hello.  We are Kristy & Jason and appreciate you taking the time to get to know us.  We have been married for seventeen years and live in a suburb in Central NY.  We have a strong relationship built on friendship, love, trust, and respect for one another.  We are incredibly honored that you’ve chosen to consider us as parents and hope that this profile provides you with an idea of who we are, what is important to us in life and the type of life we could provide for your child. 



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Gerald & Sarah

Hi!  We’re Sarah and Gerald.  Thank you for taking time to get to know us through the Family Connections website. We are eager to welcome our second child through adoption. We know in our hearts that our family is meant to grow and we are hoping to share our love and commitment with another child.  If you choose us, we promise to provide a safe, secure, and happy home for your baby.  We have been married for ten years and have been together for fourteen.  We have a sweet, energetic six-year old daughter who came into our lives through adoption and who is also excited for our family to grow.  

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Steve & Heather 


Hello!  Our names are Steve and Heather and we are so hopeful to complete our family through adoption. We have been together for almost eight years, and married for three years in September.  While Steve has three children from his first marriage, we would really love to parent a baby together. We want to tell you about ourselves and our family so you can get to know us and decide if we are the right family for you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.


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John & Jackie 

Hi, our names are John and Jackie and we appreciate you taking the time to look through our profile!  We have been married for 16 years and feel that we grow stronger together each day. Although we have no children today, we would love an opportunity to grow our family and feel that we can offer a happy home to any child.


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Patrick & Ashley


Hello, we are Patrick and Ashley! We live in a small town where we have a little hobby farm filled with some great animals! We have been married for five years and are hoping to grow our family through adoption. We sincerely want to thank you for having the courage to consider adoption for your child. We can only image how hard this decision must be for you. We are honored to be considered as prospective adoptive parents. 


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Nelson & Esther ON HOLD


Hello, we are Nelson and Esther.  We have been married for eleven years and wish to have a family.  Children need love, love, and more love.  We and our extended families have much love to give.


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Paul & Lindsay


Hello, we are Lindsay and Paul, born and raised in Upstate NY. We grew up as childhood friends. Friendship turned to love when we became college sweethearts. We have been together for 13 years and married for 9 years.  We have three wonderful sons, but still feel as though a piece of our family is missing, an empty chair at our table that needs filling.  Four years ago, a dream was placed in our hearts to complete our family through adoption. Our home is always bustling with love and laughter and we will provide your child with a secure and happy childhood. Thank you for your courage, time, and consideration.


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Mary Bridget & Benjamin


Hello, we are Mary Bridget and Benjamin from Upstate New York. We met in Oregon fourteen years ago and have been married for ten. We have a seven year old son who has brought joy to our lives and reinforces our desire to grow our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family.


We admire your courage and strength as you explore the possibility of adoption for you and for your child.

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Joe & Zach


Hello! We're Joe and Zach, and we want to thank you for reading our profile. We’ve been married for three years and we are very excited about expanding our family through adoption.


We can only imagine how difficult it must be searching for a family to raise your child, and we want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. This decision takes a lot of courage and strength.


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