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Written by Family Connections
on October 04, 2023

orphan_children Children are waiting. Wishing and hoping each day they will have a family to call their own. These children are looking for someone to call mommy, daddy, sister or brother. Can you be a family for a child? Family Connections is a primary provider for adoption from Belize, Bulgaria, Honduras, Hungary, Jamaica, Pakistan and Ukraine.

Children waiting for families are:

  • Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, School-Age, and Teens
  • Single children or sibling groups
  • Abandoned or orphaned by their birth parents
  • Healthy children, children with minor correctable medical needs, and children with on-going medical challenges
  • Typical children, children with developmental delays, and children with mild to severe special needs (e.g. cleft palate, club foot, limb deformity, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome)
  • Of diverse ethnic heritage (e.g. Eastern European, African, Asian)
  • All wanting and waiting for a family

These children are faced with unthinkable challenges as they strive to survive without a loving family.   Every child needs and deserves a loving family.

The international adoption process can seem overwhelming, but the rewards for you and the child are endless.   The adoption process includes:

1. Home Study Investigation - this must be conducted by a licensed/authorized and Hague Accredited adoption agency in the state where you reside.  Family Connections, Inc. is an authorized New York State agency that is Hague Accredited   If your international adoption primary provider agency is in a State where you live, you may use this agency to conduct the home study.  However, many families use an international adoption primary provider agency that is in another State and they will need to find another adoption agency within their State to complete the study.

2. Citizenship & Immigration Services Pre-approval - all prospective adoptive parents must apply to Citizenship & Immigration Services (using forms I-600A or I-800A) to be pre-qualified to adopt a foreign born orphan.  

3. Submission of Dossier to Foreign Country - every prospective adoptive family must submit a dossier -  a collection of documents that constitutes your application for adoption - to the foreign country.  Your dossier may include documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificate, medical reports, criminal clearances, home study report, pictures, etc. Each country's dossier requirements are different, your agency will help you with this step.

4. The Wait - then the hardest part - the wait for a referral of a child(ren).  The wait varies with the country, the age of child, the number of children, and the health and developmental status of the child.  Currently the longest wait is for a healthy young child and the shortest wait is for an older child with special needs.

5. The Referral - your international adoption primary provider agency will present a child(ren) to your family for consideration.  You may receive a picture(s) of the child, a medical report, and a developmental assessment of the child.  It is strongly recommended that you have a pediatrician with expertise in international adoption medicine to review the child's referral before you make a decision regarding the child's adoption.  

6. The Decision - after your careful consideration of the child, you will decide whether or not to adopt the child.  If you decide to commit to the child, you will proceed to adoption.  If you decide that you are not the right family for this child, your international adoption primary provider agency, will present you with another child in need of a family when another child is available.

7. The Adoption - you will travel to your child's country of origin to complete his/her adoption.  Your international adoption primary provider agency will facilitate your trip and adoption.  The number of trips you will have to make before bringing your child home depends on the country you are adopting from.

8. The Transition Home and Required Supervision -  you and your new child(ren) will settle into a new life.  Most countries require that your adoption be supervised by a licensed and Hague Accredited adoption agency for a period after your arrival home.  Family Connections, Inc. enjoys visiting families and helping them successfully transition into a healthy family unit.

Again, the international adoption process may appear overwhelming, but it is worth it! A child needs you! Take one step at a time.  

Family Connections, Inc., an authorized New York adoption agency that has achieved Hague Accreditation, has been supporting families adopting internationally since 1994.  We would be honored to support your family's adoption.  Family Connections is a primary provider for adoption from Belize, Bulgaria, Honduras, Hungary, Jamaica, Pakistan and Ukraine. We would be happy to help you explore all the options available to you. To talk to our experienced staff please call us at 607-756-6574or email info@adoptfamilyconnections.org   You can also click on the link below to request a consultation with an adoption professional.

Consultation With An Adoption Professional




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