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Written by Nancy S
on October 26, 2023

old-camera-5031235_640Domestic adoption here we come!  You are home study ready and eager to complete your adoption profile.  Stop and take a minute to think about your profile as if you were the birth mother or birth father looking at it.  Put yourself in their shoes for a moment.  What would you want to see?  Here are some tips to make your adoption profile stand out:

BE YOURSELF:  This is huge, important and key!  You want your profile to show who you are and to convey your feelings about adoption and family.  You want the pictures you use and the words you write to reflect you, your spouse, family, home and thoughts about parenting.  A birth mother needs to get a good idea of who you are and the people who will be in the life of her child should she choose you to be the adoptive parents.  She wants to know what kind of life her child will have.  Being yourself and sharing your true genuine thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams will help them see who you really are.  You will want to share your likes, hobbies, traditions and family customs so that the birth family can envision the life their child will have.  With honesty, convey to the birth family who you are and you will have a successful adoption profile.


PICK GREAT PICTURES:  This is so important because they will be the first thing they see that represents you.  A clear, happy and bright picture of you and your spouse should be on the cover of your book.  It should be a recent picture, not one from ten years ago and certainly not your wedding photo.  If the birth parents choose to meet you, you will want them to recognize you from the cover photo on your book.  The pictures you choose for the profile book should be clear and represent your life together, your family, your holiday traditions, and even your vacations if they are an important part of your life. Some things not to include are pictures of you at the bar, making odd gestures or faces, and wearing skimpy clothing. These types of pictures definitely don’t belong in an adoption profile. You want to represent yourself well through pictures and catch the attention of birth parents.  


USE MORE PICTURES LESS WORDS:  Tell your story through pictures and make the captions memorable. When we are looking through a book our attention gravitates towards the pictures first and then we look to the words to learn more.  Creating a profile book that is heavy in writing may overwhelm the reader and cause them to not look through the profile further.  You also don’t want too many pictures on the pages, causing confusion and distraction.  Placing fewer, high quality pictures can have a greater impact.  Use pictures that convey emotion, love and personality to make a connection to your reader.  What you write on the page needs to make an impact with fewer more meaningful words.


Remember your profile is your opportunity to make a great first impression, make it memorable and make it special.  Your profile is important, make every effort to be sure it stands out.


Family Connections, Inc. is a New York State authorized adoption agency that has achieved Hague accreditation.  Family Connections, Inc. offers home study services and post placement, post adoption services for people living in New York State wishing to adopt domestically or internationally.  Family Connections is also a primary provider for adoption from the following countries: Belize, Bulgaria, Hungary, Honduras, Jamaica, and Pakistan. If you would like more information about adoption, Family Connections offers free, no obligation consultations so you can learn more about your adoption options.  If you would like more information contact us at 607-756-6574.  You can also learn more through a one on one, no obligation consultation. You can request one below.

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