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Written by Anita Stevens
on November 02, 2015

Written by Family Connections, Inc., a Pakistan Primary Provider


Medical Issues in Pakistan Adoptions

Most Pakistan children who meet the US criteria regarding legal orphan status are abandoned in cribs in Pakistan distributed by not-for-profit Pakistani organizations.  This means that children available for the guardianship process in Pakistan have little to no social, genetic or medical history information.  Practically, this means that prospective adoptive parents have to pursue a competent and qualified medical examination of any child handed over to them by a not-for-profit charity or a government entity or orphanage.


The ability to obtain a medical evaluation from a Pakistan pediatrician can be crucial and reassuring for families adopting an abandoned child.  In Pakistan blood tests such as a CBC, HIV, and Hepatitis testing can help an adoptive parent to make an appropriate decision whether to proceed with an adoption process.  A medical evaluation helps the prospective adoptive parents to judge whether or not they are appropriate resources as adoptive parents for a specific child. Family Connections, Inc. is working with a US/Pakistan Pediatrician to identify what blood tests, immunizations and treatments are available in Pakistan.  The US/Pakistan Pediatrician is also available for consultation as a part of our Primary Provider services.  Locating a capable pediatrician in Pakistan to evaluate any child handed over to you is also wise.  Perhaps your relatives in Pakistan can help you locate a pediatrician or other families who have become guardians of a child from Pakistan could make a referral.


It is also important that Prospective Adoptive Parents educate themselves regarding issues such as infant/child developments, effects of orphanage residence on children, grieving issues/symptoms of children separated from their mothers shortly after birth, effects of malnutrition on the development of infants, etc.  There are many books, articles and blogs that are available to educate yourselves.  Check out www.adoptfamilyconnections.org/resources.  You can’t educate yourself enough.  Being prepared through education can reduce anxiety and stress as you are making this important decision.  Despite the education and medical tests, adoption always has inherent risks.  While you can never eliminate the risks you can know you made your decisions with the best education and good practices and information.

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