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Written by Renee Hettich
on August 14, 2015

adopt-sign-1  The Federal Department of State is the central authority in the United States that governs inter-country (international adoption).  The Department of State posts notices regarding the status of inter-country adoption at www.adoption.state.gov.


Family Connections,Inc., an authorized New York adoption agency that has achieved Hague Accreditation from the Council on Accreditation, summarizes the most recent updates below:


Department of State posting June 2, 2015 Re:  Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Department of State strongly recommends against adopting from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and asks all adoption agencies not to refer new adoption cases for US prospective adoptive parents.  The Congolese government has stated that pending legislative changes will suspend or invalidate future adoption decrees.  The US remains committed to engaging with the Congolese government on long-term adoption reforms.


Department of State posting June 9, 2015 Re:  Colombia

The Colombian Central Authority (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar) has informed the Department of State that Colombian authorization for three US accredited adoption services providers to provide inter-country adoption services in adoption from Colombia has expired:  Adoption Avenues, Grace International Adoption Agency, and La Vida International. 


Department of State posting June 24, 2015 Re: Vietnam

Vietnam's Central Adoption Authority, the Ministry of Justic, announced that it has authorized US accredited adoption service provider Alliance for Children to facilitate the adoption of Vietnamese children under the Special Adoption Program.  Two other US accreditated adoption service providers, Dillion International, Inc. and Holt International Children's Services, Inc. are also authorized to facilitate adoptions in Vietnam.  The US processes adoptions from Vietnam through a program for children with special needs, children aged five and older, and children in biological sibling groups (Special Adoption Program).


Department of State posting July 1, 2015 Re:  Liberia

On June 30, 2015, President Johnson Sirleaf announced the lifting of the moratorium on inter-country adoptions.  No further information is available at this time.  The Office of Children's Issues and the US Embassy in Monrovia will provide updates on www.adoption.state.gov as soon as more information becomes available.


Family Connections, Inc. provides home study and post-placement supervision services for families adopting internationally.  The Agency services families throughout New York State, including but not limited to, Cortland, Syracuse, Watertown, Albany, Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Rochester, and New York City.  The agency has experts in inter-country adoption who are available to support your family's adoption plans.  Please contact Renee or Anita at 607-756-6574 or info@adopfamilyconnections.org.  


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