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Written by Renee Hettich
on September 12, 2014
international adoption 

An intercountry/international adoption can be a good way for you to add to your family by adopting a child from a foreign country.  The inter-country adoption process is as varied as each of the countries that allow the adoption of orphaned children by US citizens.  


Family Connections, Inc is a New York State authorized adoption agency that has achieved Hague Accreditation from the Council on Accreditation.  The agency provides home study and post-placement services for New York families adopting from around the globe.  The agency's adoption professionals would be pleased to speak with you regarding your international adoption options.  

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In addition to talking with Family Connections, many times talking to other families can help you prepare or even decide if inter-country/international adoption is a good fit for your family.  It is always good to talk with other families but if you talk to a family about their personal experience, and then explore that particular country’s program, you will may find that the process is changed and that this change may not be a fit for your family.  Family Connections can connect you to families who have adopted internationally.  


So how do you go about finding a country and a program that is a good fit for your family?  So where do you start?  How do you go about making a determination about which country will be a good fit for your family and any child you may adopt?  May I suggest that you think about where your boundaries are?  

  • Can you parent a child of a different race than yours?
  • Can you learn how to support the needs of a child who has had a difficult start in life?
  • Can you meet the travel requirements of the country?  Is one spouse comfortable staying in the foreign country while the other spouse returns to the USA?  Can any other family travel and support the spouse while they are in the foreign country?
  • Can you afford the costs of the program?  How can you finance the costs?
  • What age child (oldest/youngest) would fit in your family?
  • How long of a wait is tolerable for you?
  • Are you open to a child with special needs and if yes, what special needs?
  • Do you have realistic expectations of international adoption?  Can you be flexible and patient with the unpredictability in the international adoption process?


There are other factors to inter-country/international adoption including:


1.  In the last six years the biggest change in inter-country/international adoption has been the US implementation of the Hague Treaty on Adoption.  This has been a process that has been ongoing for several years.  Starting July 14, 2014 any inter-country/international adoption service provided by an agency requires that the agency has achieved Hague Accreditation from the Council on Accreditation (COA).  From your home study to placement of a child to the post adoption reports, every agency who provides any of these services has to be Hague Accredited through the COA. Family Connections, Inc has achieved Hague Accreditation from the COA.


2.  An inter-country/international adoption is regulated by and has to follow the laws, procedures and regulations of the State of New York, the United States Department of State, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the foreign country from which you are adopting.


Inter-country/international adoption can seem daunting at first if you are thinking about adoption.  Countries close and open, requirements change and sometimes the politics of the world can affect the adoption policies of a country.  At Family Connections Inc., located in Central New York, you can obtain a free consultation to explore your inter-country/international adoption opportunities.  This consultation is face to face and personal for you, not a group meeting.  The agency is three hours from Buffalo, two hours from Rochester, less than one hour from Binghamton, thirty minutes from Ithaca and Syracuse, two and a half hours from Albany, one and a half hours from Utica, three hours from Westchester County and Poughkeepsie, four hours from New York City and five hours from Long Island. 



Family Connections can conduct your inter-country/international home study anywhere in New York State.  With over twenty years experience with inter-country/international adoption a consultation with Family Connections Inc. could save you hours of frustrating research.  Family Connections, Inc. is connected with multiple out of state inter-country/international placement agencies and we can help you focus your efforts to agencies that best fit your goals.  Family Connections, Inc. with their expertise will educate you about programs that are within your personal boundaries.  


To learn more about your inter-country / international adoption, please download a Guide to  Inter-country Adoption produced by Family Connection, Inc. below.


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