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Written by Nancy S
on September 09, 2014


The home study visit intimidates many people and they fear the social worker coming to their home for a home inspection.  The image that the social worker will come and pick everything apart, look in your cupboards and drill you with questions for hours couldn’t be farther from the truth.  At Family Connections, Inc. we want you to be informed about the adoption process and the steps that are required to become an adoptive parent.  We provide home study services for domestic and international adoption.  Family Connections offers free no obligation one on one consultations to help you understand your adoption options.  We don’t want you to be intimidated by the adoption process, we want to help you fulfill your dreams to grow your family through adoption.  Most families express anxiety over the social worker visit but after the visit remark that it was an enjoyable experience that they learned a lot from. The number of home visits will vary by state and by country. Here are some hints and tips to prepare for the social worker home inspection:

  • Prepare your forms completely and return them before the home visit so that your social worker has the information needed to learn more about you before your visit.  It will help them to discuss certain issues very specific to your family.  The home visit will help to expand on the information already provided in the paperwork you completed, it will help the social worker have a more complete understanding of your social history.
  • The social worker will typically spend a couple of hours in your home asking you questions and touring your home. The social worker will not be using a white glove to test for dirt, or looking under your bed or in your closets but rather be walking through your home to be sure there aren’t any safety issues that need to be addressed.
  • All members of your home need to be present for the home visit, any children in the home and also any adult household members need to be there for the social worker visit.  She will ask all members of the family how they feel about adoption so that the social worker can learn more about the family’s understanding of adoption and the impact on the family.
  • Check to be sure you have adequate working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • If you have a pool you will want to be sure that it has an alarm and is not easily accessible for small children.
  • Look around your home to be sure it is safe and suitable for a child.  The social worker will want to see where the child will sleep, the room does not have to be set up for the child, it just has to be a designated area where eventually the child will have a space for his/her belongings and to sleep.
  • If you have fire arms they will have to be appropriately secured with the ammunition also secured.
  • Be prepared for your home visit, if you have specific questions make note of them so that you will not forget to discuss them with the social worker during the visit.  Reading adoption related materials will help you better understand the many components of adoption.
  • Most importantly, be honest and be yourself.

Family Connections, Inc. is very supportive of adoptive families, we want you to be successful. We strive to provide families and children the opportunity to come together to form loving forever families.  Family Connections, Inc. will be there to help guide you and answer your questions.  If you are interested in learning more about adoption and the options available to you we at Family Connections, Inc. would be glad to set up a free no obligation consultation. You can contact Anita or Renee by clicking on the link below or calling 607-756-6574 or 1-800-535-5556.  We serve the entire state of New York, including the Syracuse, Utica, Rochester, Albany, New York City, and Binghamton areas.


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Family Connections, Inc. is an authorized New York State Adoption Agency that has achieved Hague Accreditation from the Council on Accreditation.  The Agency provides home study investigation services to families wishing to adopt a child internationally, domestically (private independent or private agency), or from the public foster care system.

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