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Written by Nancy S
on June 21, 2023

S tarting the process of adoption begins by becoming a qualified adoptive parent.  To become an approved/qualified adoptive parent you must complete a home study investigation.  The home study process begins by contacting an authorized New York State adoption agency who can provide you with home study services.  Family Connections, Inc. is an authorized adoption agency who conducts home study investigations. Outlined below are the steps necessary to complete a home study investigation:


  1. Complete an application for home study services and submit all necessary home study documents to your adoption agency.
  2. Meet face-to-face with a licensed social worker from the adoption agency.  This meeting will occur in your home and some interviews may occur virtually.  The social worker will interview you and all members of your household.  The social worker will inspect your home to ensure the safety of an adopted child.
  3. Obtain child abuse and neglect history reviews from any state or country in which you have lived as an adult; your adoption agency will help you with this.
  4. Obtain state and federal criminal history reviews from the New York State Department of Justice Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Your adoption agency will help you get your fingerprints taken for these reviews.
  5. Have medical examinations for all members of the household.
  6. Complete autobiographies, informational forms and questionnaires as provided by your adoption agency.
  7. Provide verification of income, assets and liabilities to your adoption agency.
  8. Obtain references from friends, clergy, co-workers, childcare providers, etc.
  9. Submit proof of birth, marriage(s), or divorce (if applicable) to your adoption agency
  10. Complete all required adoption training (requirements vary depending upon adoption agency and country from which you plan to adopt).

The home study process can seem daunting, a good adoption agency can help you through each step.  Typically a home study process takes two to four months to complete.  At the successful conclusion of the home study investigation, you will be approved as prospective adoptive parents and begin your journey into growing your family through adoption.

Family Connections Inc., is a not-for-profit, authorized New York state adoption agency who provides home study investigation services for both domestic and international adoptions. Family Connections also provides Primary Provider services for international adoptions from Belize, Bulgaria, Hungary, Honduras, Pakistan, Ukraine and Jamaica.


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