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Written by Anita Stevens
on July 29, 2015




This question can be asked by familes adopting a child from any country including the United States.  In any country the transfer of custody of a child from their biological parent or from an orphanage is a serious and thoughtful process in most civilized countries.  In both the United States and Pakistan there are religious and cultural customs that encourage the care of orphans, children who have no parents.


In the past, in both countries, there is a long history of informal adoption when social circumstances created an orphan.  As the world has become more modern, the process of obtaining guardianship/adopting a child has evolved and is a complicated process that incorporates the culture and laws of both Pakistan and the United States. At times the process can appear to be redundant and uneccesarily complicated or you can feel that the process takes too much time. At these times try to remember and understand that all the rules, regulations and laws that are part of the process are there for a reason.  The reason they are there is to protect the children who's lives are being changed forever by guardianship/adoption.


The reason the laws/regulations were enacted is not because of the majority of really wonderful and nice people who seek guardianship/adoption, people like you who are exploring guardianship/adoption from Pakistan.  The rules and laws exist to prevent the "bad/evil" people from seriously hurting children.  The laws also exist to guide you to children who are truly available for adoption.  The laws help you to make sure the child you are given guardianship of in Pakistan can be immigrated legally from Pakistan to the United States.


As with many things in this world the rules and regulations can be bothersome but understanding the rules and regulations and following them and moving through the process correctly will help you to achieve your goal of becoming a mommy and daddy to a wonderful child.  But you may ask what does this have to do with cost?  Let me suggest to you that if the governent didn't make laws and have police, judges etc. to enforce the laws, build hospitals, build roads, pick up our garbage etc. taxes would be much lower or non existant but our world would be more chaotic.


The rules and regulations cost money to enforce and monitor.  They require legal assistance to negotiate the courts.  They create costs that pay for visa fees, airline tickets etc. and they require the professional services of one or two adoption agencies that are private not-for-profit businesses.  All of this costs money.  Families who are adopting from Pakistan should cheer up however because the Federal government comes to your aid to midigate the costs.  When you finalize your Pakistani child in the United States you become eligable for a Federal tax credit worth over $13,000  in the tax year you finalize.  You are also gaining a tax deduction.  Pakistan adoptions cost less than the average US adoption or other country adoptions as the average cost can be between $28,000 and $45,000.  So when you consider the options of other families, you clearly have a financial advantage.  One thing I have observed after over twenty-seven years of helping familes adopt children is that when the child joins your family these costs no longer matter to you.


At Family Connections we keep our costs as low as possible and at the same time provide you with excellent services for your Pakistan adoption.  The agency hires an attorney to monitor the legal aspects of your adoption and our social work staff helps with the social side of adoption.  Please call Anita Stevens at 607-756-6574 or 1-800-535-5556 for more informaiton.

 Family Connections, Inc. is an authorized New York State adoption agency who has achieved Hague Accreditation from the Council on Accreditation. Family Connections, Inc. provides home study and post-adoption supervisory services for families adopting internationally.  Family Connections, Inc. also acts as a Primary Provider for families adopting from Pakistan.


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