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Written by Renee Hettich
on July 15, 2016

open-adoption-adoptive-familiesOpen adoption is one option for families wishing to parent a child through domestic adoption.  In an open adoption, the birth parent, adoptive parents, and the child maintain an on-going relationship through the exchange of pictures and letters and/or visitation throughout the baby's childhood. 


In an open adoption the birth family choses the adoptive family and the two families develop a relationship based upon trust and mutual respect.  The birth family and adoptive family may stay connected through the exchange of pictures and letters regarding the child.  The birth parent(s), adoptive parents, and the child may visit together once or twice a year; often birth parent(s) and the adoptive family will spend an afternoon together at a zoo or a park.  At times, the birth family and adoptive family develop a very close relationship and will have a causual friendship where the two families connect with one another on a more frequent basis through phone calls, e-mails or visits.  The level of openness in the adoption is dependent upon the closeness of the relationship developed between the birth parent and adoptive parents. 


Open adoption relationships benefit the adoptive parents, birth parents and child.  An open adoption relationship can give the adoptive parents:

  • A sense of peace regarding the birth parent(s) decision to entrust them with the parenting of their birth child
  • A feeling of connection with the birth parent(s)
  • A first hand knowledge and true understanding of their child's birth parent's circumstances and reasons for adoptive placement
  • A comfort know that their son or daughter will always know who their birth parent(s) are
  • A mutual sharing of the child's adoption story
  • The confidence that if genetic history is needed for their child's medical care that it would be available from the birth parent(s)
  • The opportunity to know the birth parent(s) and their future acocomplishments
  • And many more benefits...


Open adoption is a loving adoption choice for an adoptive family and birth family.  


Family Connections, Inc., an authorized adoption agency, supports adoptive parents as they make choices in their adoption journey.  To learn more about your adoption options, including open adoption, please contact Anita or Renee at 1-800-535-5556 or renee@adoptfamilyconnections.org.  We look forward to supporting your adoption plans.


 Created on 04/16/12 at 22:42:19

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