Adoption Costs, Legal Services, Birth Mother Expenses, Medical Care and Health Insurance


As an not-for-profit, licensed New York State adoption agency, Family Connections, Inc. provides all services to the birth mother and to the birth father for Free.  You will have no costs.  All expenses are supported by the adoption agency and adoptive parents. 


Legal Services

Family Connections, Inc. believes strongly that every birth parent should be represented by a lawyer to make sure their rights are understood and protected.  You choose your own lawyer.  If you do not have a lawyer or need assistance finding a lawyer, Family Connections, Inc. will refer you to qualified lawyers in your community.  Most lawyers who specialize in adoption are members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, a national professional organization for adoption lawyers. Your adoption lawyer will explain your legal rights, support you through the legal process of adoption, and protect and advocate for you.  


The adoptive family and the adoption agency will also have lawyers to represent their best interests.  In New York State, the birth parent(s), adoptive parents and adoption agency cannot share the same lawyer.  Each lawyer will inform and protect the rights and best interests of the party they are representing.  The cost for each lawyer is the responsibility of the adoptive parents.  You will not pay for your legal counsel (even if you decide to parent the child and not to place the child for adoption).


Every State in the United States has different laws, regulations, and case laws that determine the rights of birth parents.  A birth parent needs to seek proper legal counsel to ensure her/his/their rights are properly represented in the State in which they live.


Birth Mother Expenses

If you need resources to support your through your pregnancy and post-delivery recovery, Family Connections, Inc. will help you secure the needed resources and may be able to provide financial assistance for pregnancy related expenses.  New York State allows adoption agencies and adoptive parents to support birth parents' need for:

  • Legal Counseldescribe the image
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Housing (help in securing housing and/or rent assistance)
  • Food 
  • Transportation (to and from medical appointments)
  • Uncovered Medical Costs
  • Pre and Post-Adoption Counseling Services


Please let Family Connections, Inc. know if you need assistance with expenses or obtaining needed resources and services.


Medical Care

If you need prenatal medical care and are unable to find a doctor, Family Connections, Inc. can help you find a qualified medical doctor who would be supportive and respectful of your adoption plan. Family Connections can also help you get to your doctor's appointments - we are happy to drive you or provide you with taxi fare.


Health Insurance

 If you have medical insurance, but have uncovered medical expenses (e.g. co-pays, uncovered medicines, etc), the adoptive family you have chosen for your child will be responsible to pay for those expenses.  If you do not have health insurance, Family Connections can help you obtain medical coverage.


We look forward to supporting you as you make loving decisions regarding the care of your baby!