Domestic Adoption Options

Family Connections is currently actively recruiting prospective adoptive parents for the Agency's Domestic Infant Placement Program.  Please contact Renee or Anita to discuss the Agency's domestic services at 1-607-756-6574.


Family Connections, Inc. is an authorized New York State child-placing agency, who offers a full range of adoption services for dual parent and single parent households. Family Connections, Inc. provides home study services, placement services, and post-adoption placement services for adoptive parents pursuing domestic adoption, both private and public.  We also offer a free adoption finance coaching services to all of our clients to help them make a comprehensive and customized financial plan to afford their adoption. The agency has licensed social workers throughout the State of New York to meet family needs statewide. Family Connections, Inc. has placed over 100 children domestically since the agency was founded in 1994.

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For parents wishing to pursue an adoption of a child from the public foster care system, Family Connections can provide:

  • Home study services
  • Assistance with locating children available for adoption
  • Guidance with the placement of a child(ren) into your home (collaboration with public welfare system)
  • Facilitation of inter-state adoption requirements
  • Counseling and training regarding public adoption
  • Post-adoption placement supervision


For parents wishing to pursue an adoption of an infant privately, Family Connections offers domestic child-placement services for qualified New York State adoptive families. The agency maintains active domestic adoption parent profiles for families seeking domestic infant adoption. The agency also can provide:

adopt family connections

  • Home study services
  • Assistance with pre-certification as adoptive parents
  • Matching with prospective birth families
  • Networking across the state and country to find infants available for adoption
  • Development of closed or open adoption agreements
  • Placement of an infant into your home
  • On-going maintenance of open adoption agreements
  • Facilitation of inter-state adoption requirements
  • Counseling and training
  • Post-adoption placement supervision
  • Assistance with adoption finalization


We would be thrilled to support your domestic adoption plans.

Please call us at 1-800-535-5556 or 1-607-756-6574. All calls are confidential.

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