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Now Hiring: Adoption Social Worker



Job Title:         Adoption Social Worker


Type of Job:    Social work with children & families


Job Qualifications:  All Social Services Personnel who perform social work services must have:

  1. Experience in the professional delivery of domestic and intercountry adoption services and have either (1) a master’s degree from an accredited program of social work or in another human service field or (2) a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program of social work or a combination of a bachelor’s degree in a human services field and prior experience in family and children’s services, adoption (domestic and/or international).
  2. Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) certification.
  3. No state, national, or international criminal history. The Agency will obtain Criminal History Reports from the New York State Office of Children and Families Services for this position.
  4. No state, national, or international history of child abuse or maltreatment. The Agency will obtain Child Abuse and Maltreatment History Reports (child abuse clearances) from the New York State Office of Children and Families Services for this position. 
  5. A life philosophy consistent with the mission statement and the articles of incorporation of Family Connections, Inc.
  6. A sensitivity and understanding of adoption and/or have had personal life experience with adoption.


Job Responsibilities:  The Agency Adoption Social Worker will be responsible to perform adoption-related social service functions that require the application of clinical skills and judgment including but not limited to the following functions:

  1. Perform home study investigations for domestic and intercountry adoption
  2. Collect information and write child background studies/case histories for domestic or intercountry adoption
  3. Provide supportive counseling services for prospective adoptive parent(s), adoptive parent(s), and birth parent(s)
  4. Prepare prospective adoptive parents for the adoption process
  5. Provide training/presentations on adoption topics at conferences or on request
  6. Prepare articles for publication on adoption topics in magazines and blogs
  7. Outreach to birth parent, including but not limited to, profile development with prospective adoptive parents (book, web, magazine, and video profiles), development of website (e.g. family profiles, blogs, landing pages, etc), development of professional networks, and preparation and distribution of the Agency’s magazine
  8. Provide birth parents with options counseling
  9. Arrange for and refer birth parents to support services
  10. Advocate for prospective birth parents for public services where they are entitled or qualify for these services and help the client negotiate the system.
  11. Refer clients, birth parents and adoptive parents to needed services (medical, social, counseling, legal) as appropriate
  12. Support birth parent(s) and prospective adoptive parent(s) in relationship building
  13. Domestic infant placement services - support birth parent(s) and prospective adoptive parent(s) in the surrender and placement of the child and prepared agency documentation for infant placement
  14. Conduct post-placement and post-adoption supervision and support services for domestic and intercountry placements and adoptions
  15. Preparation of agency documents for domestic adoption finalization or the re-adoption of a foreign born orphan (if required in New York State)
  16. Monitor and maintain Post Adoption Contact Agreements for domestic adoptions
  17. Support birth parent and/or adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parent(s) in the case of adoption disruption or dissolution
  18. Maintain client files and safeguard confidentiality of client files
  19. Assist with the application for New York State authorization as an adoption agency
  20. Assist with the application and maintenance of Hague Accreditation
  21. Maintain adoption data and report to Executive Director annually or upon request
  22. Participate in Agency’s Quality Improvement Program
  23. Comply with Agency’s Policies and Procedures
  24. Adhere to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers
  25. Maintain client confidentiality


Job Reports to:           Executive Director