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Hello, we are Mary Bridget and Benjamin from Upstate New York. We met in Oregon fourteen years ago and have been married for ten. We have a seven year old son who has brought joy to our lives and reinforces our desire to grow our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family.


Parenting Philosophy:

We had many ideas about parenting before our son was born. He has taught us that sometimes you need to let the child guide you. Our focus is on respect, understanding, and working hard to instill a sense of empowerment and self-confidence. We build on curiosity and seek to raise children who know they are loved and respected. We provide support and encouragement and try to follow our son's lead when possible. We will be inclusive and accepting of any background the child may come from and will celebrate with them as we create new cultural traditions in our home.


Our Home:

We were lucky to find a great home on a large piece of land on the Erie Canal. We have woods to explore in our backyard and the canal and trails to explore in our front yard. We are walking distance to three schools and several playgrounds as well as the village center.


Our Family:

We both come from large, close knit families. Benjamin is the youngest of 6 and Mary Bridget is the 5th of 7 children. We have 28 nieces and nephews between us. Most of Mary Bridget's family lives nearby, and we gather often. Her family has a cottage on the Finger Lakes, so we spend lots of time there in the warmer weather barbecuing, swimming, and boating. Benjamin’s family lives in Minnesota, and we see his family at least twice a year to spend time with them.


Our Hobbies:

We are lucky to live in an area that is family friendly. We enjoy trips to the museums and many playgrounds in the area. Weekends are spent visiting with family, camping, or just playing around the house. We enjoy being outdoors and biking, kayaking, swimming, sledding and hiking.


Our Professions:

Mary Bridget was a Special Education teacher/Inclusion Specialist for 15 years, and she is currently working part time at the same school as our son attends. Benjamin works in the technology department of a local finance company that is just minutes away from home.


In Closing:

Thank you for taking the time to consider our family.


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