International Adoption As An Option for Adoption

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Family Connections, Inc. is an authorized New York State adoption agency, who offers a full range of adoption services for dual parent and single parent households adopting internationally. The agency works collaboratively with international adoption placement agencies across the United States to bring orphans from foreign countries home into loving families. Family Connections, Inc. has supported families adopting children from around the world including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Ethiopia, India, and many others.
Adopt Family Connections
For parents wishing to pursue an international adoption, Family Connections can provide:
  • International home study services
  • Counseling and guidance regarding available international adoption programs
  • Referral to international adoption placement agencies
  • Technical assistance regarding international adoption paperwork requirements
  • Assistance with processes required by Citizenship and Immigration services
  • Assistance with dossier preparation and authentication
  • Referral to adoption support networks
  • Introduction to other families who have adopted internationally
  • Training, including an annual International Adoption Symposium
  • Post-adoption placement supervision consistent with country specific requirements
  • Assistance with adoption finalization
The agency has licensed social workers throughout the State of New York to meet family needs statewide. We would be thrilled to support your international adoption plans, please call us at 1-800-535-5556 or (607) 756-6574. All calls are confidential.

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